This oil was created in the context of a scientific research project in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Florence, Italy.


“Critics have likened MANNI oils purity to that of a fruit juice or a fine wine. Top chefs put it aside to offer their most favoured guests. Tasting them was mind-blowing. I had no difficulty agreeing with the large claim that these were the world's best olive oils
The Observer, U.K.
" It is a rare breed of person who strives for perfection in his chosen line of work. Armando Manni personifies this determination. Through constant research and experimentation, he has successfully produced the best and healthiest olive oil on the market. MANNI olive oils are characteristically beautiful, rich, intensely flavored with the additional benefit of containing increased levels of healthful polyphenols. MANNI olive oils have become an integral ingredient in our kitchen. Our guests and staff enjoy their complex flavors and embrace the therapeutic benefits they provide."
- Thomas Keller, chef-owner of The French Laundry (Yountville, CA) and Per Se (New York) USA
" Extra virgin olive oil is at the heart of my Mediterranean cuisine, where taste, lightness, and healthfulness come together thanks also to the quality of the ingredients I use. Cooking is imagination and technique but also wisdom in the choice of raw materials. I accept no compromises on this. It's the only way to achieve a great cuisine--good and healthful at the same time. That's why I found MANNI oil astonishing. It is truly a "living" and "intact" oil that you would simply never expect. "Per me" has a very rich bouquet with notes of chocolate, and its length in the mouth is like that of a great wine. "Per mio figlio" is more delicate, a caress for more sensitive palates. I think they should be on the table of every food aficionado. I offer them to my guests every evening: I uncork and decant the little bottles for each table. I know I'm offering them an oil of absolute goodness, but also something good for their health."
- Heinz Beck, chef, Ristorante La Pergola, Hotel Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy
" When I first tasted Armando Manni's olive oils, I knew I had tasted something amazing. The flavors are so clear, the spiciness, the peppery finish, it is like biting into an olive. Learning from Armando what kind of work was involved before an olive could be sent to the press allowed me to understand the finished product. Armando got the idea of working the olive grove the way a winemaker works his vineyard… testing the soil, knowing the climate, reading the temperatures. All that work gets done in order to harvest an olive at its peak flavor. Then, Armando worked on preserving that incredible work of love by using the best of the packaging techniques to ensure that the oils would remain alive. So little is needed to get all the flavor of Tuscany that you will be surprised at how many dishes you can make with one bottle and how healthier and satisfying it is."
- Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef-owner of Jean-Georges, New York, USA
" Everyone should try MANNI olive oil, which has an incredible flavour. It is like a fruit juice, and is absolutely pure. There are no preservatives and it is full of antioxidants. Manni's extra virgin olive oil completely reflects the ethos of what we feel is at the heart of Locanda Locatelli. I believe in using nothing but the best ingredients. The pure clean taste of this oil makes it truly exceptional. You can only buy it online, but the website contains information about the oil's purity and production; for example, it is analysed every four months. This oil reflects the essence of my cooking: it is the best, and I never accept anything less."
- Giorgio Locatelli, chef-owner of Locanda Locatelli, London, UK